La Familia Reyes // Photos + Film

Laguna Beach, CA

Meet La Familia Reyes from Orange, California!

They recently added Maya to their family, and we were so excited to capture the new family of 5 at the stunning location of Montage Laguna Beach, Orange County.

This is a significant location for them as Natalie and Vitoco took their engagement photos here years ago. We thought it was such a fun and meaningful idea to go back to the same location. Plus, their favorite place in the world is the beach.

Vitoco is an avid surfer so taking photos of Maya on his surf board was the natural thing to do, of course. Las Dos Creative absolutely loved capturing the essence and dynamic of this family in both photographs AND film. You'll hear on their family film we used the Beatles Here's Comes the Sun song covered by Colbie Calilat. Their first dance in their wedding was a Colbie Calilat song, so this artist also holds meaning to them. At Las Dos Creative, Laura and I are dedicated to creating films and photographs that's personalized to you and your family.

Please enjoy watching their film and photographs as much as we loved taking them!

xoxo -

Laura + Priscilla